At 2xtudio we partner on behalf of our clients, partner, and manage affiliate programs for both beneficial in across media channels. Our tactics offer traditional outsourced program management considering essential elements to a great business relationship.

1.      Affiliate Marketing Relationships

2.      Building a technology bridge between Brands and Customers

3.      Innovation.

Affiliate Marketing
We partner with multi-across channels that drive success optimizing programs for our clients. We develop a unique, data-driven media plan that bring into line with our clients’ business models. We structure a detail performance on a detailed level, enabling us to exceed goals and optimize programs on a regular basis. We expose the true value of each paid assignment, further arming our clients with data to drive smarter marketing investments.

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Technology Bridge
We believe that the right relationships with the right publishers can take an affiliate program to the next level. We coordinate our clients with different emerging categories on multiple media outlets and publishers on strategic key points taken from our marketing analysis used across our brand arrangement, paid search spend, organic traffic rank, reach, compliance, and website content. We craft multiple implementation strategies providing our clients a vast network of affiliate marketing media relationships.

As the digital marketing continues evolving day by day, innovation plays an important role in affiliate marketing’s reach outside of the traditional marketing strategies. Our team research and test new technology media outlets to evolve, maximize our clients’ opportunities through a number of specialized programs. Our unique approach for analysis  approach to affiliate marketing maximizes return for our partners and ensures their programs are delivering incremental value.