We offer multiple strategies around all types of SEO and SEM, from keyword, meta-tags, back-links, SERPS and on-page strategy to technical and offsite, with a focus on ranking the areas of opportunity. By developing new SEO Keywords wins while building a long-term technical SEO strategy, we maximize conversions and revenue. In addition, our performance influences paid search data to enlighten organic ranking, helping to yield optimal return.

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Our search engine optimization focuses on both desktop and mobile applications. We developed mobile-friendly in today’s mobile world and helps our clients stay ahead of industry updates and best practices.

We are certified in several platforms such as Google Analytics and Microsoft Bing Business, Adobe Analytics, Cambridge Analytics, Microsoft Azure among others. We design real-time strategies for brands to make smarter marketing decisions by delivering the clear and actionable data needed to make optimizations quickly.

Our SEO structures

- Onsite Optimizations

- Offsite Optimizations

- Meta-tags

- Backlinks

- White Hat



Our SEMs Structures

- CPC (Cost Per Click)

- CTR (Click Thru Rate)

- Conversion Rate

- Tracking Codes

- Bid Managements

- PPC (Pay Per Clicks)